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2012-02-29 18:08 Changed language: Lonmai Luna

Lonmai Luna by k1234567890y was updated.

2012-02-28 12:41 Changed language: Moten

Moten by Christophe Grandsire-Koevoets was updated.

2012-02-24 22:03 Changed language: Waʻtē

Waʻtē by Kenneth Nyman was updated.

2012-02-23 11:20 New translation of "Berlitzism" into Wanya by Fenhl

Su sx fasra Mau Sx gxddx [ASCII transliteration]

Is it a pencil? No, it is a window.

2012-02-22 20:22 Changed language: Gac

Gac by cromulant was updated.

2012-02-21 15:42 New translation of "Fight linguistic extinction!" into German by Carsten Becker

Bekämpfe den Sprachtod! Erfinde eine Sprache!

Bekämpf      -e   den          Sprach  -tod!   Erfind -e   ein  -e        Sprache!
fight_against-IMP DEF.ACC.M.SG language_death! Make_up-IMP INDEF-ACC.F.SG language!

Fight linguistic extinction. Invent a language!

2012-02-19 05:30 Changed language: Briötto

Briötto by Drew was updated.

2012-02-17 04:16 New language: Briötto

drwmcn added Briötto to CALS.

Öv, i skoddém-ã. Qeïsterbriöto (And that's how you greet someone in Briötto.)

2012-02-13 04:48 Changed language: Mekoshan

Mekoshan by Taylor Selseth was updated.

2012-02-11 18:00 Changed language: Anshanish

Anshanish by Artaxes was updated.

2012-02-11 17:32 New language: Anshanish

Artaxes added Anshanish to CALS.

Anshanish's homepage is at http://www.artaxata.za.pl/Anshanish.html.

2012-02-11 13:15 Changed language: Numidian

Numidian by cntrational was updated.

2012-02-11 06:07 New translation of "All your demands" into Numidian by cntrational

Lus pirrsin tut d'u sir stsfki't.

ABS.DEF.ART.PL requests all of you COP.FUT satisfy UND

All your demands will be met.

2012-02-11 05:31 New translation of "Bottle-washing" into Numidian by cntrational

N'la lu bett 'n l'laplet.

NEG wash ABS.DEF.ART.SG bottle in DEF.ART.SG dishwasher

Don't wash the bottle in the dishwasher

2012-02-11 05:16 New translation of "Berlitzism" into Numidian by cntrational

Is-ill un kreyun? Nu, ill is un fnestr.

COP 3.SG INDF.ART.SG pencil no 3.SG COP INDF.ART.SG window

Is it a pencil? No, it is a window.

2012-02-11 04:45 Changed language: Numidian

Numidian by cntrational was updated.

2012-02-11 04:25 New language: Numidian

cntrational added Numidian to CALS.

2012-02-10 19:25 New translation of "Story About the Farmer whose Horse Ran Away" into Mandarin by k1234567890y

從前有個農夫,他的馬跑掉了,他的鄰居拜訪他並為他感到難過,但那農夫說:「誰知這是好的或壞的?」而那農夫的想法是對的。 第二天,那匹馬跑回來了,並帶了他在逃跑期間所見的十一匹野馬一起回來,那農夫的鄰居再次來找他,並為他祝賀,但那農夫說:「誰知這是好的或壞的?」而那農夫的想法這次又是對的。 那之後的第二天,那農夫的兒子嘗試馴服野馬,但卻不慎墜地並摔斷了一條腿。他的鄰居再拜訪他,並表示自己有難過,但那農夫又說道:「誰知這是好的或壞的?」而那農夫的想法這次又是對的。 這國家的統治者發起了戰爭,之後國家的士兵來到,並徵召年輕人當兵,但那農夫的兒子因摔斷腿的緣故,而沒有被徵召。

The Story is from a book titled Huainanzi(淮南子), which was written in classical chinese(文言).

Classical chinese is the older written form of Chinese, it is different from modern chinese languages, including Mandarin.

below is the story in classical chinese, the text's taken from wikisource:


Once there was a farmer whose horse ran away. His neighbor came over to tell him he felt sorry for him, only to be told in return: "Who knows what is good or bad?" It was true. The next day the horse returned, bringing with it eleven wild horses it had met during its adventurous escape. The neighbor came over again, this time to congratulate the farmer on his good fortune. Only to be told once again "Who knows what is good or bad? True this time too; the next day the farmer's son tried to tame one of the wild horses and fell off, breaking his leg. His neighbor came back again one more time to express how bad he felt But for the third time all the farmer had to say was: "Who knows what is good or bad?" And once again the farmer was correct, for this time, the king of that land had started a war and the following day soldiers came by to draft young men into the army, but because of his injury the son was not taken.

2012-02-09 22:16 Changed language: Õtari

Õtari by David Johnson was updated.

2012-02-08 13:17 New language: Tedil Tamal

phlegethon added Tedil Tamal to CALS.

2012-02-07 22:19 Changed language: Salhari

Salhari by Alex Sands was updated.

2012-02-07 21:45 New translation of "Farewell" into Salhari by Alex Sands

Asayi $

bye $

2012-02-07 21:43 Changed language: Salhari

Salhari by Alex Sands was updated.